Dad’s Saying Still Resonates About Sunshine

As Wisconsin, and many parts of the country, deal with the coldest temperatures in a generation (or more) comes a reason for a smile.  It was -22 at 6 A.M. this morning at our home.

My dad always said that even in the worst of winter one could never discount the ‘punch of the sun’.  Usually that meant to him the power of the sun to melt snow piles that had taken over the lawn once we were into the middle part of February, and the winter season was just weeks off from slipping away.

Today as I made a late breakfast I looked at our console which records the temperatures for the various thermometers we have around our home.  (Yes, we are nerds).   And I thought of dad.

While on the back porch, and in the shade one reads-10, the one placed on the coffin porch, and in the bright and glorious sunshine which is beating off the house, reads 21 degrees.  It should be noted that once the sunshine is gone the two thermometers will be within a couple tenths-of-a- degree again.  They usually record the same temperature.

The ‘punch of the sun’ may be noted on the thermometer, and even felt to some extent as I poked my head out that door with the side of the home bathed in sunlight.  But there is no way to make the same comment when stepping out onto the back shaded porch.    It is just blasted cold outside.

But there is hope in the air, right?   And another reason for a smile here today.

Thanks, dad.

(If anyone is curious the basement and entryway temperature readings are also recorded as seen in the photo.  Since this is a Victorian home built in 1892–without insulation—and still is that way–I will let you guess how they break down with locations……..LOL.   We keep the sweater industry profitable.  But in all candor we would not change a thing as we love our home and live in it the way it was built to be enjoyed.)