Trump Feuds With Facts

If George Washington had Donald Trump’s views the United states would still be a British colony.  If the long line of other Presidents of the United States who followed Washington had Trump’s views of the Intel Community, the USA would be long gone.

A growing number of Republicans are now openly scoffing at Trump’s handling of national security issues, with the Senate’s number two Republican bashing Trump’s criticism of the heads of the US intelligence community.  This is all taking place ahead of a vote on a measure disapproving Trump’s Middle East policy. The the GOP-led chamber prepares to vote on an amendment breaking with Trump’s plans to pull the U.S. military away from Syria and Afghanistan

If you missed it—here is the rebuke that matters the most this week.  And it comes from Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the Senate majority whip.

I don’t know how many times you can say this, but I prefer the President would stay off Twitter — particularly with regard to these important national security issues where you’ve got people who are experts and have the background and are professionals. I think in those cases when it comes to their judgment, take into consideration what they’re saying. … I think we need to trust their judgment.

What we heard from the top Intel leaders, and then what Trumps spouts, is most alarming.  And the picture this latest report presented thus week paints makes one thing stunningly clear: Trump’s major foreign policy positions are not based in reality.  (I know, you are shocked, too.)

Trump’s feud with his national security experts has already extended into Congress, where lawmakers from both parties have mostly sided with the intelligence community and been critical of the president’s skepticism of it.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell, in a rare break with the president, proposed an amendment acknowledging the continued threat of terror groups like the Islamic State and opposing a premature withdrawal of troops.

I hold to the view that the checks and balances will stand firm and will continue to be rooted deeply.  We will make if past this dreadful time in our national story.  We will survive Donald Trump.  But we must also accept the fact major damage is being done to international relations–issues that angry white men who voted for Trump have not a clue about.  Or care to learn about.