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Trump Says “I’m Sort Of Entitled…” WRONG!

February 1, 2019

The role of the press is a topic which gets many inches of postings on my blog.  The reason is obvious.  Journalists and reporters are key to a healthy republic.   Which is why the dialogue yesterday in the White House between Donald Trump and publisher of The New York Times, A. G. Sulzberger, along with two of the paper’s White House correspondents, was truly interesting. I thought it notable the publisher took the lead in questioning Trump about his attacks on the press.

One should not have been surprised that Trump was contradictory in his remarks about the news media.  He said they were “important” and “beautiful,” but also “so bad” and “unfair”.  To sum up the interview it would need to be noted Trump called himself “a victim” of unfair coverage and declined to accept responsibility for a rise in threats against journalists since he took office.

At this point in Trump’s term in office, a person well-read with current events, could correctly connect the dots about how Trump played the questions.   It was not the way one would have hoped for a serious president to have acted regarding the free press.

What I find disturbing is that too many of Trump’s supporters are not able to see with clarity the role the press has in our nation.  A reporter’s job is to ferret out facts and make them known.  When Trump lies, conducts himself counter to the norms of the nation, or afoul of the Constitution it is the duty of reporters to call him out.  Report to the nation what is happening.  Trump and his shrinking fan base may not know it, or even care, but the reporters have a constitutionally protected mandate to do their job.

Close staff to Trump might point out that if he did not continue to act in such blatantly unethical, or illegal ways there would be fewer stories which he would find troubling.  Acting like an adult is always a choice that Trump can make.

At the end of the interview Trump talked about where he grew up and how the New York Times was, based on his home, “my newspaper”.

“I ran, I won, and I’m really doing a good job. I came from Jamaica, Queens, Jamaica Estates, and I became president of the United States. I’m sort of entitled to a great story — just one — from my newspaper.”

The final paragraph seems to sum things up quite well when it comes to the mindset of Trump. “I’m sort of entitled…”

NO.  That is not how it works.

No one in this country is entitled to anything.  Trump is an elected official, but nothing more.  His role in New York, or that in Washington, gives him no more rights or privileges than anyone else enjoys.   If he wants pleasing ink (that word tells you how old I am!) in the newspaper then he needs to do something which merits coverage of that kind.

In the meantime reporters will report, and Trump can just sit and squirm.

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