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Bernie Sanders Still Undermining Democratic Party

February 4, 2019

Never one to know when to stop his antics, Senator Bernie Sanders will make another attempt at being a stone in the shoe of American politics.

It was reported today that the man who never carries a comb will deliver his own response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.  Sanders has done this for the past three years.  Being irrelevant must turn the man on.  There is no other reason one can give as to why he creates such stunts.

His response will be on at the same time as when an actual Democrat, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, delivers the official Democratic Party response.  Sanders only comes to the Democratic Party when he wishes to attempt to use it for his own narrow political purposes.  The joy of his 2016 loss only deepens on days like this when it is again clear that he has no regard for anyone other than himself.

It comes as no surprise to long-time readers that I have much disgust with Sanders and his abuse of the Democratic Party.   He used the party to gain something he has never been able to actually achieve as a member of congress.   That is to have any chance to change in policy that reflects his views.  His revolution ramblings are now simply exhausting to hear.  His plans are not realistic, not grounded in solid math, and worse yet if somehow able to pass congress, as with the case of his illogical views on trade, would seriously damage our nation.

Sanders does not care about the Democratic Party.  He has used the party machinery for his aims—and that he does with no objections.  His high moral horse bends on his need to use the system.  He never could run for president and get any traction on his own ticket so he thought hijacking another party was his path forward.

Now he shows his true self again by trying to take the spotlight off a true voice for the future of the party and nation by spouting his socialist mish-mash.   But since he is not a Democrat what the hell does he care?


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