Juan Guaidó Is Face Of New Venezuelan Government

There is an odd feeling some have registered regarding events underway in Venezuela.  To support democracy in that South American country we have to support an un-elected person.  Some think that runs counter to democracy, and also to the process-oriented path that is central to a well-functioning government.

But the main counter-argument, and a most factual one, is that the last election in Venezuela was rigged and stolen.  President Nicolás Maduro jailed, exiled, or killed anyone standing up against him.  He had ballots destroyed.  Polling places did not open or changed location at the last moment.  Maduro is not any more duly elected to that office than I am.

Meanwhile, we have witnessed the courage and resolve of Jaun Guaidó who is willing to stand up for his people.  Maduro has strong security services and allies such as Cuba and Russia.  But Guaidó has a growing list of international supporters who are backing his bid to help save his nation from implosion.

It has been reported that Spain, France, and Sweden have all announced they are now recognizing opposition leader Guaidó.

There is certainly enough history to show that this region of the world can have despots.  But there are also enough reasons to know that placing hope in a better outcome is the only choice given the plummeting conditions now taking place under Maduro.  

With international support and attention there is every reason to hope that there can be a return of full democracy in Venezuela.  That means human rights, elections and no more political prisoners, as the Spanish Prime Minister underscored.  There is every reason to think that Guaidó will hold a new presidential election.

The news today from Europe is most promising.  There are now many nations, aside from the U.S., who have recognized Guaidó as the legitimate interim president. These include almost all of the nations of South America, along with Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Britain.

We can be happy that Venezuelan’s are trying to retake their political rights.  That is the most process-oriented result that we could ask for.  Now it should be our mission to assist them where we can, and in accordance with their desires.