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Immigrants Get Slammed By Trump In Racist SOTU

February 5, 2019

How does one respond to what was said tonight by Donald Trump at the State of the Union speech?  I wish to start with a general overview of what I heard.  Then I will add what was lacking in the speech.  That would be facts.

I know readers to this blog care about facts, and so likely were saddened by the lack of them, or the twisted form in which Trump used them.  Especially when talking about immigrants.  After the speech was over the first thought that flashed through my mind came without any doubt.  There is no way to work with, or respect someone, who will stand before the nation and lie.  Continuously.

I recall that author Rick Bragg wrote about older people feeling that with age they were given the right to lie like a Republican.  We certainly saw that play out on live television as Trump droned on.  Anyone with an ability to read could have delivered the speech without slowing down so to sound out each word.  I grant you his reading impediment did slow down the pace of the lies being told.  But it still made for a very nasty evening.

The plight of Jews were talked about in the speech concerning the way they were treated decades ago by Nazis.  We know from history they were accused as the ones spreading disease along with all sorts of social ills.  That narrative was believed by far too many at the time, and history shows the result.   But then the under-educated Trump failed to find the link with that history and plunged forward with his disgusting and shameful lies about today’s immigrants.

What is most telling, again, is that Trump disregards the reporting from his own departments about the immigration matter.  How could Trump use the reports as the basis for his speech, if the reason for the speech was to gin up racism and hostility towards immigrants who are brown?  Facts be dammed!

Well, not here.   This is what you need to know, in part, to counter the lies told by Trump.

Trump loves to recount crimes committed by immigrants.  I think the crimes committed by Americans are a far more telling story.

Parkland Shooter:
Not an immigrant
Tree Of Life Shooter:
Not an immigrant.
Las Vegas Shooter:
Not an immigrant
Borderline Bar & Grill Shooter:
Not an immigrant.
Sandy Hook Shooter:
Not an immigrant.
Charleston Shooter:
Not an immigrant.

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