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Trump Wrong About Investigations, Will Soon Learn About Checks And Balances

February 6, 2019

If there are such things as starting points then today would be noted as one.  It was only last night that Donald Trump used part of his time during the SOTU address to clumsily and misleadingly assert that “an economic miracle is taking place in the United States and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations.”

We can allow college students, who were playing a drinking game with every stupid remark made my Trump, to have two shots for that statement.   It brought howls of laughter from many watching in homes around the nation.   Our economy was in a recovery during the years that President Obama served.  Trump only added to the deficit with a tax cut for the wealthy, and created a trade war with nations around the globe.  So yes, it is a miracle that given his self-created economic disasters, that our economy is still humming along.

Trump’s ‘let-me-talk-slow-so-to-sound-out-every word-and-not-not-choke-on-my-own-tongue-on-national-television’ warning about how investigations concerning his corrupt behavior should not proceed fell flat. Today the checks and balances written into the Constitution got underway.  In case Trump was not aware of the three branches of government Speaker Pelosi alerted him to that fact by making it most clear the House would not be intimidated by his “all-out threat” to drop its investigations of his administration.

The House Intelligence Committee started a robust and broad inquiry into whether Russia and other foreign powers may be exercising influence over Trump.  An all out effort will be made to secure Trump’s long-suppressed tax returns.  It is a national security matter. Having no ability to see his taxes only increases the reasons for making sure his actions were not counter to national interests. Other committees are not wasting any time in making it clear they too understand the role Congress has with oversight obligations.  The Judiciary Committee has a subpoena for the acting attorney general in case he tries to avoid questioning by the Democrats.

Yes, it is a time for answers.  And Democrats are going to make it a priority to get them for the American people.  Logical people scoff at the idea put forth by the Republicans that these investigations are “politically motivated overreach”.  I am astounded that conservatives who prattle on about their respect for our Constitution now conveniently forget the document says the legislative branch is co-equal with, and shall provide oversight of, the executive branch.

We all know conservatives did not take that role to heart.  That was made clear when over the past two years Congressional Republicans abdicated their responsibilities.  They stood up, pulled their pants down, and never questioned when the Trump White House started to cut.  ‘Smile and you will not get a primary’ mattered more than principle or the needs of the nation.  Such is the way with modern day Republicans.

But Democrats care enough about the nation and our laws to not allow Trump, his family, and their corruption to not be addressed.  Checks and balances matter.  The Founding Fathers knew it.  Soon Trump and his ilk will, too.

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