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Karma Works, Again (Thank You, Colin Kapernick)

February 14, 2019

Republicans pretend to want market forces to be the final arbiter regarding the success, or not, of business.  This story today about rank bigotry which got up-ended makes for a smile on an otherwise cloudy day on the Madison isthmus.   The people have spoken with their money, and made it quite clear racism is not a pretty color on any business.

It is odd that this happened in Colorado Springs, given its noted address for a lot of white right-wing Christians.  Seems odd that the owner did not load up on Tebow jerseys, who ironically is known, also, for taking a knee….hmmmm.

After more than 20 years in business, Prime Time Sports Owner Stephen Martin says he can’t afford his monthly lease anymore at Chapel Hills Mall.

On Monday, staff hung 40% off signs all over the store.

“That’s definitely what brought us in for sure,” said Melissa Hansen, who came in to buy a Broncos hat.

But customers soon learned the discount came at a price, learning Prime Time would be going out of business.

“I just can’t keep the doors open anymore,” said Martin, telling News5 he made the decision to close for good on Sunday night.

It’s not the first time Martin has slashed prices like this–choosing to get rid of all Nike apparel last fall, following the company’s ad campaign with Colin Kapernick.


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