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See You In Court, Donald Trump

February 14, 2019

This will be a time in America to see who are the wheat or chaff.  Do not be surprised to see some of your loudest conservatives flying off in the wind.

Tonight it is being reported the Department of Justice has warned the White House an emergency declaration regarding wall funding is nearly certain to be blocked by the court, on at least a temporary basis.  But that is fine with Donald Trump as that allows him in a protracted court battle to use the wall as a partisan issue to play with his angry. weak-minded. white male base.

Preventing immediate implementation of the wall is, of course, the first goal of a nation that does not want to allow Trump to peddle racism, and in the process strip other programming dollars of their mission.  While Trump can think he will ultimately win on appeal in the Supreme Court is a stretch that most constitutional lawyers doubt can (or will) happen.  But if Trump wants to tangle with America, bring it on.

This is a fight we will take on and win.

Because there is NO national emergency.  By every standard the border is more secure than it was ten years ago, even 20 years ago.  In fact, one has to go back to the time President Nixon was in the White House to see this low of a number of border crossings. These numbers come from Trump’s own departments!   What Trump is attempting is a despicable political stunt that subverts the Constitution.

So Republicans and conservatives who care about the integrity of the Constitution, limited government, and checks and balances will have the chance to speak up, and act out against the executive taking actions that run counter to the foundations of our government.  I fear, however, this will be one of those times when many a Republican will look like the boy wearing his dad’s adult suit.   They will look plain silly by their lack of ability or spine.

I think reviewing what has constituted national emergencies in the past decades allows for some insight into what Trump is trying to pull off with the taxpayers money.

  1.  Wilson in 1917 RE: water
  2.  FDR to combat Great Depression
  3.  FDR response to Nazi Germany’s threats 1941
  4.  Nixon amid postal worker’s strike 1970
  5.  GW Bush after 9/11
  6.  Obama prevent swine flu pandemic 2009

You can then see why Trump failing at negotiating in congress, and Mexico never in a million years willing to pay for a racist wall does not meet the standards for a made-up ’emergency’.  To raid federal funds to pay for the Trump base nonsense would be a serious abuse of power by the Executive.

We will fight this in the courts and the majority in the nation will prevail.  Trump voters got their man elected.  That is true.   But they simply will never be allowed to undermine the Constitution or our Republic.

To them we say it very simply….

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