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Inspector Pekkala Always Exciting, Sam Eastland Master At His Craft

February 15, 2019

Berlin Red is the seventh in the Inspector Pekkala series.

With book after book Sam Eastland has plotted with deft precision the life and times of a young man during the final years of Czar Nicholas II’s control of Russia.  Then with artful pacing and punch, following a harrowing journey through the hell of Siberia, Eastland places Pekkala almost seamlessly into the smoke-filled and darkened inner office of Joseph Stalin.  The books sizzle with fear and rumble from the tanks of war.  Pekkala works to solve the needs of a dictator without selling out his own soul and traditions.

When it comes to writers who strive to connect readers with deeper emotions and hidden truths than the name of Eastland is placed near the top.  I have thoroughly loved these books.

Do not think these books are your typical World War II war stories. as they are not.  I am not a fan of that type of work, finding war maneuvers and battlefield drama simply not for me.  Rather these books are taut with mystery and character development and laced with the power of fear that Stalin produced in every aspect of society.  There is a silent brutality that flows off each page and registers with readers of history.

One has to think that this book is the last in the series–but with any luck that will be proven wrong.  But what can be said with accuracy is this book has punch.  I grabbed one paragraph from page 189 to make my point.

Winter is not over for many in the nation as I write this post, and there are many reasons to hunker down and wait for spring.  In that span of time reach for what will keep you up at night while the pages turn effortlessly.

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