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Mass Shooting: Is NRA Made Up Of Men With Short Penises?

February 15, 2019

It is a day of the week.  So it must also be a day for a mass shooting.  That is now the sad reality of America where the NRA has been allowed to shape our headlines.

Today a mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois killed five people and wounded five police officers, along with multiple civilians in an industrial area. (How many conservatives will preach about their love of the police and deny the truth about gun violence?)  Mass shootings happen with such regularity that it will not be the lead story on the national news.  That alone tells us far more about our nation than we want to admit.

When the details come forth about the shooter, his background, along with the easy means he had of getting guns and ammunition there will again be a series of calls for gun control and laws to limit access to violent weapons.  That will be the reaction from logical and reasoned Americans.

The problem, however, at the very core of ever getting serious gun legislation passed is the delusional and dangerous National Rifle Association.  They continue to buy congressional Republicans, strike out at legitimate and thoughtful measures to limits guns, and undermine the efforts at needed data collection to more clearly demonstrate the destructive role these weapons have on our nation.

Forcing the NRA leaders to head to Aurora to have their noses rubbed in the blood and body parts might be one way to bring these immoral ones to any degree of common sense.  But that would still beg the question as to why they ever went down such a dark path in being the backers of the gun manufacturers?

Which comes down to the penis.  Sorry folks, but it needs to be said.

These men who bark loudest for guns scream out silently for help. At some level they may not even be aware of their psychological need.  Many firmly believe there is no doubt the larger the gun the NRA types tote on their hip or shoulder, underscores the shorter gun they were born with.  They seek compensation.  It would be most revealing if some government funding could be provided to allow for insight into the NRA’s linkage with sexual pathology and gun worship.  The fetishistic mentality that the NRA has with guns needs to be better understood so that we, as a nation, can better deal with the base reason they hold their weapons so tight.

The NRA can have any phallic symbols they wish to have and hold.  But when those penis substitutes inflict mass murder and deadly outcomes every week in the nation then we need to investigate why that is the case.

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