Donald Trump Has To Own Responsibility For Mass Murder Plot

The news was shocking to hear and read.  Even at a time when it is hard to be stunned or surprised anymore by the headlines, the news yesterday was something which made people stop and pay attention.  A white supremacist amassed a scary stockpile of guns and ammunition with the intention of killing a long list of prominent journalists, and Democratic politicians.  In addition he was targeting professors, judges, and what he called “leftists in general’.  The news made for a chill up the collective spine of America.

While the news was horrific to hear about, in and of itself, it does need to be placed in context.

This news story was reported more than a week after a Trump supporter physically attacked reporters at a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas.  Without missing a beat, or showing any sense of responsibility, Trump was back to tweeting his attacks on the media as “a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE,”, “Fake News,”, and “dishonest.” (As a blogger who tries to use proper grammar and capitalization let me make it clear the bizarre style of the tweets are the work of Trump without any embellishment from this desk.)

It will stir the political pot for some if we call out Trump as being responsible, in part, for the actions of Christopher Paul Hasson.  But we must stand strong against those who will snort and fuss when we call out Trump for the dangerous actions he takes. The reason we can lay part of the blame at Trump’s feet is the evidence at hand.  Taking his cues from Trump the white nationalist had on his hit list “poca warren.”   We know where that hatred came from.

When it comes to the Stalinist language that the media or reporters are the ‘enemy of the people’ we can only conclude that Trump is conducting himself in a very reckless manner.  Is Trump willing to continue acting in such an awful way until an actual assassination happens to a member of the press or one of his political opponents?  What we know is that the gas-lighting and dog whistling from Trump does have an effect on some individuals.  And it only takes one deranged right-winger to mow down a large group of people. We have seen that play out too often in this nation.  America does not need a president pushing the weak-minded over the brink.  Instead of maligning the press Trump might find his time better spent getting more funds to ferret out those in the military with mental health needs and extremist views.

When I saw the photo of the huge volume of deadly guns and ammunition which were in the possession of Hasson it made me pause and wonder what in hell is wrong with our nation.  This winter season I needed to present ID to buy cold medicine but in America a person can buy enough arms and ammunition  to launch mass murder.

Trump has been silent on this news story.  He is always absent when the violence that is committed, or intended to be committed, are for his opponents.  There is no end to the ridiculous tweets he can pour out on any given day, but when the nation needs leadership he is AWOL.   His bone spurs must be acting up!

And so it goes.