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Racist White Newspaper Editor Removed In Alabama, African-American Woman In Job

February 23, 2019

God does work in mysterious ways to provide justice.

An African-American woman is now the publisher and editor of the Alabama newspaper that recently urged the Ku Klux Klan to get back into business. Crazy nut case, for sure.  But there is a refreshing and uplifting turn of events as Elecia Dexter took up the positions Thursday.

Dexter replaces Goodloe Sutton, the newspaper’s owner who penned a staggering editorial with the headline “The Klan Needs to Ride Again” in the paper’s February 14 edition.

Sutton’s editorial sparked outrage around the country.  The University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Communication said Tuesday it has removed Sutton, an alumnus, from its Mass Communication and Journalism Hall of Fame “in light of Mr. Sutton’s recent and continued history of racist remarks”.

The paper had a sorry track record under Sutton.  A July 2016 editorial mocked President Barack Obama, calling him “the Kenyan King,” and complained about the “way uncivilized tribes in Africa still run things.”  In April, the paper ran a political cartoon that ridiculed Palestinians.

Now that angry bigoted white man is out of the editor’s chair.  He can now rightfully be placed alongside yesterday’s trash.

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