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International Association Of Man Boy Love Concludes Conference At Vatican

February 24, 2019

Pope Francis closed out his extraordinary summit on preventing clergy sex abuse by vowing Sunday to confront abusers with ‘the wrath of God,’ end the cover-ups by their superiors and prioritize the victims of this ‘brazen, aggressive and destructive evil.’

And cue the yawning.  We have been here before with this crowd and their faux anger.

When I heard the news report from the Vatican it made me think of Nikita Khrushchev blustering at the UN Assembly in 1960.   Oh, the outrage!

We are now many years past the time when the Catholic Church needed to drop the facade that they are willing, or able too confront and deal with their myriad examples of pedophilia.

This weekend we learned from a German Cardinal that church files on priests who sexually abused children were destroyed or never even drawn up, a move which allowed pedophiles to prey on others.  That is nothing short of stunning.  What that news means is instead of the perpetrators being dealt with harshly it was the victims who were regulated and silenced.  (Who are the stooges who then sit in church every week and give money so some well-heeled church lawyer can work to keep the rapists behind the pulpit out of legal trouble?)

Today  190 Catholic bishops and religious superiors sat in supposed rapt attention as more abuse scandals continue to spark a credibility crisis for Catholics.   And for the Pope, too.

This blog has not been shy to call out the darkness which surrounds the Catholic Church over this issue.  There needs to be only way to address the crimes of the church, and that is through the criminal justice system.  Having old men who have groped and raped boys sent to some serene location to spend out their days is not what will stem the sickness that has infested this denomination.  Farming the molesters out to some new church so to begin anew with their crimes underscores the craven minds who operate in the Vatican

We know, as a society, who should over-see the ones who commit sex crimes.  There are many in the church who think only the clergy should regulate and punish the abusers.  To them I say, and know the majority of this nation would agree, that civil authorities must be the ones stepping in and administering the law.   Saying Hail Mary a 1,000 times for undressing a choir boy does not compute with the sense of right and wrong in this nation.

There are issues that must be tackled and addressed within the Catholic Church.  Two of them are obvious.  Women must be admitted to the priesthood.  And priests must be allowed to marry.

While pedophilia is not linked to those two measures, they would strengthen the church.  In so doing the church would have a better understanding what it means to have children and care for them.  It also needs to be understood that misogyny and abuse go hand in hand–and this church has both in truckloads.

As a result of too much darkness, lack of transparency, a bureaucratic heavy hand, and an all-male cast we have today within the Catholic Church the largest man-boy love association running a world-wide network of perversion.  And it must come to an end.

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