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Democrats In Driver Seat To Stop Constitutional Crisis Caused By Trump Over Emergency Declaration

February 26, 2019

Congress will do the work of the nation in a few hours with an unprecedented effort to overturn a presidential emergency declaration. Democrats have the votes, while Republicans are working to limit defections.  Make no mistake about what this matter is all about.  This is a constitutional showdown with Donald Trump.
The Democratic-authored resolution would nullify Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.  Congress has never before sought to cancel a national emergency declared by the president since passage of the National Emergencies Act in 1976.
The resolution is expected to pass the House easily with unified Democratic support.  But GOP leaders were urging their members to oppose it, aiming to keep the final tally low enough to demonstrate that Congress would be unable to overturn the veto that Trump has blustered about over past days.
Democrats are in the drivers seat with the law as this is a constitutional issue since Trump used an emergency declaration to get border-wall money denied by Congress. Once the House passes it there will not be any effort made to stop in in the Senate–since that body is REQUIRED to vote on it 18 days. That is based under provisions of the National Emergencies Act.  If all Senate Democrats vote for the disapproval resolution, only four Republican votes would be needed to ensure passage, since just a simple majority vote is required.
Those fours votes will be found.  Senator Collins will be one of the four.

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