As Michael Cohen Testifies Questions Surround Donald Trump

There are more headlines today from the testimony of Michael Cohen than most people are going to have time to digest.  But at the end of the headlines remains all the questions which now are focused on Donald Trump. 

Make no mistake about what happened today.  What was aired today live on television from Cohen is without doubt the most damaging testimony concerning a president since John Dean gave evidence during the Watergate hearings.

When it was Rep. Paul A. Gosar’s (R-Ariz.) turn to question Michael Cohen at Wednesday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee, he was ready to go off. Like many Republicans before him, he instantly went after Cohen’s lies — including those to Congress. “You’re a pathological liar,” Gosar said.

Cohen, by this time comfortable jousting with the panel’s Republicans, shot back sarcastically: “Are you referring to me or the president?”

The exchange was interesting in and of itself, but it also betrayed an uneasy reality of this hearing for Republicans: Many of the things they attacked Cohen on could carry collateral damage for the very man they were defending: President Trump

Cohen’s lies are a matter of public and judicial record. But if the standard is that someone who has lied repeatedly about weighty matters should never be trusted again, what about the president, who has uttered more than 8,000 falsehoods while in office? Not all of those falsehoods are lies, but even media outlets have grown comfortable labeling some of the most high-profile ones as lies. Many of Trump’s falsehoods, in fact, deal with the same topics Cohen was lying about, including hush-money payments to women and the pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow. If we can’t trust Cohen for this reason, what about Trump?