Benjamin Netanyahu’s Corruption Catches Up With Him

I am exceedingly pleased with the news that has been flying under the radar for many years.

Israel’s attorney general announced his plans to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.  First, and foremost, this was a legal matter that needed to be addressed.  I am always upbeat when justice prevails.   Or is on track to prevailing.

But the second reason this is warming to my heart is due to Netanyahu’s political future.  We are just 40 days away from him standing for re-election.  With the news today this places him in a most precarious position. That limbo, and possible fall, is precisely what would be in the best interest of the regional needs in the Middle East.   For far too long news operations from the BBC to The Economist have reported on his shady business dealings with wealthy businessmen, including a Hollywood movie producer, Israeli newspaper publishers, and the head of the country’s largest telecommunications conglomerate.

The process that is about to unfold is perfect political theater, but also perfect comeuppance to a truly underhanded leader.  Netanyahu, who is running for his fourth consecutive term as prime minister, is now entitled to a hearing to challenge the charges.  If the case proceeds, (and it will) he would be the first sitting prime minister to be indicted.

As an American I hope he is expelled from office like an olive pit.  His actions over the years have severely damaged a policy for a two-state solution.  Last week I read news reports where he encouraged Jewish Pride, the racist party of Rabbi Meir Kahane which encourages hatred of Arabs, to enter his coalition.

Then there is the Genesis Prize, an embarrassing $1 million annual scheme that Netanyahu concocted to dole out to wealthy American Jews whom he perceives as ‘valuable’. This year’s winner is, none other than Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.  He’s just been criminally charged for paying a trafficked slave in Palm Beach to perform sex acts on him.  (Wow.)

Netanyahu will, no doubt, accuse his political adversaries of a witch-hunt.  But with justice leading the way he will be saying those words as he also spits into the wind.

Readers who have been following this blog for a long time know I find the political leadership of Israel to be most frustrating.  I would never urge our nation to follow their lead on anything.  Until now.  This is an instance I hope our nation follows Israel’s lead and indicts our corrupt, fraudulent head of state.