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What Our Nation Needs To Make It Past Donald Trump

March 4, 2019

Two decades ago I bought a book that resonated at the time and over the years has registered again and again.  Character Above All, which was edited by Robert Wilson, Is a collection of essays in which noted historians and journalists explore the relationship between character and presidential leadership.

Now, more than ever, the book again calls out to the nation to be read and heeded.

The book also had a series of tapes, which were sold separately, where the historians presented hour long lectures on the president they had researched.  I first listened to those tapes as I traveled on weekends to visit my folks.

It is so stunning to me that I grew up in the era of Gerald Ford–who was sworn into office when I was still in grade school–to the time when a low-educated and buffoonish personality now sits in the White House.

Ford is recalled for standing up to his lout of a father and turning away money for the honor of taking his step-dad’s name.

Meanwhile Trump mocked a disabled reporter and admits to sexual predatory ways.

The nation no longer has civics taught as it should be, nor history thematically presented so that it can be allowed to show its relevance for the lives of today’s citizens.   There are too many cretins in our society and therefore it is incumbent on the rest of us to be ever-more determined to right this tilting ship of a nation.

One of the starting points is to be firmly planted on the proven foundations of the past. This book is a starting point.  Fast read, well researched, nicely written.

We can get over this most disquieting time that any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes.  But it will require an educated and determined citizenry.

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