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Russian Intrigue In Book-Form That Will Melt A Wisconsin Snow Pack

March 9, 2019

There was little time to blog today–and for a good reason.

Today I started a new Russian spy thriller.  For decades I have loved the genre and just a week ago stumbled–behind everyone else I admit–Jason Matthews.

I can not say in words how well constructed, plotted, and deeply factually driven this book is–what a stunning read! And on a rainy, snowy Madison (WI) weekend–it is perfect!

Matthews is a former CIA officer–so the book has a feel that separates it from some others of this type I have read.  Matthews handles the tone differently–and the reason is he knows the score of what he writes.

The cast is intense.  Perhaps the most troubling and memorable is the sadistic Spetsnaz “mechanic” who carries out President Putin’s murderous schemes.  A CIA Station Chief who resists Washington is one of my favorites of a long cast of intense personalities.

If you are fond of reading about espionage, counterintelligence, surveillance trade-craft, spy recruitment, cyber-warfare, the Russian use of “spy dust,” and covert communications then there is only one thing to do.  GET this book.

Five stars out of four!  That is not a typo! This is a brilliant offering for book lovers who thrill to the world of spies and Russian intrigue.

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