I Am Not The North Carolina Congressional Candidate

For the third time over the past 48 hours I have been contacted on Twitter as to whether I would be available for an interview.  I knew why they were asking, as a Google alert for my name had been awash in links to a Gregory Humphrey seeking the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional District in North Carolina.  There is a special election due to the death this year of the incumbent.

I noted to each of the reporters that I am very much aware from my past as a broadcaster, and then as Administrative Assistant to an elected official, that the hardest job would be as a candidate.  I have seen how much desire needs to be stored up to ask for money and votes on the way to elected office.  That is not the direction I ever wished to take.

Reporters are the ones who seek out news sources, and they have proven their mission is ever-earnest.  That three different newspapers made contact does not make me wish to be in a political contest, but it does warm my heart knowing the story will be well-covered.

(By the way I could not find a photo of the candidate with my name.)