Faces You Need To See Of Those Who Were Murdered By White Nationalist In Christ Church

Today was a very harsh one for the world.  A White Nationalist created a bloodbath in Christ Church where 49 Muslims were shot to death.  The words of hate, bigotry, fear, and xenophobia from the likes of Donald Trump--who was mentioned with praise by the shooter–along with other White Nationalists must own the headlines.   Several of the victims reach out tonight in photos with a short narrative that we must not forget.

Daoud Nabi, 71, was the first of the 49 Christ Church victims to be identified. He stood at the door, ready to pray, and welcomed the terrorist inside, “come in brother” were his last words. The grandfather died trying to save someone else from a bullet.

“The Hero” was known as Naeem Rashid. He was one of the 49 murdered at Christ Church. After he witnessed his son Taha shot and killed, and men and women slain around him, he lunged at the terrorist with his bare hands.  He was courageous until the very end – and died a Hero.

The youngest in the Christ Church murders was Muca Abdi who was only 3 years old. He was one of 49 Muslims killed in the massacre. He had his whole life ahead of him. Remember him like this, smiling wide, with his brother Abdi.