Sickening Carnage In Anti-Muslim Massacre, Donald Trump’s Words Used As Shooter’s Inspiration

The news of the 49 killed at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand is hard to hear.  Difficult to fathom.  Worse yet, when the facts are dug into concerning the language the shooter, a 28-year-old white racist from Australia, used in his 74-page anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant manifesto, it reaches out over the world and shakes us.

He called Trump “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”  If I were president and sitting in the White House and knew I was inspiring such rancid and deadly minds to action it would break my heart.  So today we have to ask of Donald Trump, who is called by name in the shooter’s manifesto, if he is proud of his words and deeds since being sworn into office?

The shooter wrote of an “invasion” of immigrants, the same term used by Trump, and the right wing, to describe migrants seeking entry and asylum on our southern border.  Again, Mr. Trump what are your thoughts about others with deadly missions using your hate-filled terms to further their diabolical goals?

The shooter’s manifesto is titled “The Great Replacement,” which is the same name as a conspiracy theory originating in France that believes European populations are being displaced in their homelands by immigrant groups with higher birth rates.  But now let us recall that one of the racist chants at Charlottesville, where Trump said there were good people on both sides, was this horrible line.  “The Jews will not replace us! The blacks will not replace us! Immigrants will not replace us!”

More than 70 percent of the 387 extremist-related fatalities in the US from 2008 to 2017 were committed by members of far-right and white-supremacist groups. In 2017, hate crimes, which is defined as criminal acts motivated by the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, or gender,  jumped by 17 percent nationally.

Now to the readers of this blog.  Do not even start to preen and try to square the words and actions of Trump.  There is no way to defend Trump.  Accept the fact what Trump has allowed to become the  discourse, that too many people now accept as normal and acceptable, has helped to create what we are reading and watching play out today.  Hate-filled language against brown people and those of other faiths is a foundation for Trump and his supporters.  The right-wingers in this nation who will not drop the hate-speech or walk away from Trump then also have to own part of the headlines today.

Trump and his supporters must stop demonizing non-white, non-Christian people so deranged maniacs like the Christchurch shooter will not have a fountain of sewage from which to draw inspiration.  I will be watching to see how Trump deals with the issue on our southern border and the wall which he said is necessary to stop the “invasion.”

And so it sadly goes.