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Pete Buttigieg Is The Most Interesting Democratic Presidential Candidate

March 18, 2019

The first thing that struck me about Pete Buttigieg was the way he spoke and the manner in which he addressed the questions posed to him in a televised town hall.  Within minutes of listening he proved able to converse as a candidate in ways that some who had been in the profession for decades still had not mastered.  It was a masterful tutorial for those who wish to enter politics.

Over the weeks I have been following and learning about this fresh face on the national stage.  His background and resume allow him to stand out as an intelligent and polished candidate for the Democratic nomination for president.

He is refreshing in the era we now find ourselves.

He is the son of a Maltese immigrant, Christian, contemporary of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, Rhodes scholar at Oxford, city mayor before his 30th birthday, Afghanistan war veteran, piano player, polyglot, fan of James Joyce and, now, at the grand old age of 37, would-be first millennial president.

Too much, too young? Democrats seem to like the promise of generational change, their past four presidents having been John F Kennedy (aged 43), Jimmy Carter (52), Bill Clinton (46) and Barack Obama (47). As Buttigieg likes to point out, he would take office with more military experience than any commander in chief since George HW Bush and, when he reaches Trump’s current age, the year will be 2054 – meaning that issues such as climate change are not abstract to him but viscerally personal.

His age and sexuality are standout features in a crowded Democratic field that he neither makes a big play of nor seeks to “paper over”. When he held his first meetings with Iowa voters, his husband Chasten was in the room. Last week Chasten, a teacher, retweeted a post from a Twitter user called Adam, from Alabama, that said: “I wish I could tell 15-year-old me who was praying for God to make me something other than gay, that at 32 you’ll be donating to an openly gay man making a run for president.”

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