Americans–Minus Mouth Breathers–Stand With John McCain

Except for the mouth breathers Americans are in agreement.  Senator John McCain was a war hero, and a fine American.

I grew up in a home where dad was a veteran of World War II.  While I was not always in alignment over the years with my father politically on matters of defense policy or military engagements  there was one thing we always were in agreement about.  When it came to the military service that men and women performed they were to be treated with respect.

This blog shows that following the first disgusting words by Donald Trump in 2015 about John McCain I felt the moral correctness of the nation would step up and defend our national norms.

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

I was wrong.   Those comments from Trump were not be his downfall.   And look at the cesspool we landed in as a consequence.

I know we smirk a lot at those who drink the Trump Kool-Aid.  And we smirk for good reason.  Can my readers image the complete meltdown from Republicans had President Obama talked this way about a war hero who was a POW?   Or had Obama talked with such disdain about a deceased war hero?

Mr. Obama, of course, has class and manners so such gutter talk would never happen.  But the same can never be said of Trump.  Today a new low was set.  How many times each week does our nation suffer the embarrassment of Trump?

Keep in mind that John McCain has been dead for seven months, but Trump’s feud with him is very much alive, and ramped up today in front of a military audience!  Trump, ever the biggest jerk in the crowd, said he gave McCain “the funeral he wanted, and I didn’t get ‘thank you”, which was not only in very bad taste, but also yet another lie that is to be added to the over 8,000 others which have been reported.  The funeral was arranged by the family with Washington National Cathedral.  The lying in State was totally the province of the Congress.

Trump prattled on today that McCain did not “get the job done for our great vets” and then continued to dig into the sewer by saying, “I have to be honest, I’ve never liked him much,—- probably never will.”

Just another sickening moment for deplorables to applaud.

I personally do not care why Trump feels a need to create a diversion so some other story is not covered or talked about by Americans.  I could give a damn what’s going on in Trump’s squirrel brain.  But what I know with certainty is there is no excuse for these kinds of un-presidential outbursts.

Observant readers know I never use the title for Donald Trump in my blog posts.  President Obama gets his due and even President Putin gets his.  But Trump is a graceless, cruel, mean-spirited bully who doesn’t deserve the respect of the title ‘President’.

Meanwhile John McCain was a hero, a statesman, and an honorable man.  Real Americans know that fact.

The rest of them. like Trump, are mouth breathers.