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Quick Take On Mueller Report

March 22, 2019

It is Friday in Madison!  Spring is in the air.  But the release of the report from Robert Mueller is what everyone is abuzz about tonight.  So it goes without saying this blogger needs to add a few words to the mix.

First, I had to laugh out loud when the White House Communications Office reported that a press lid was on at Mar-a-Lago.   Fat man and his cheeseburgers will not be making any more appearances today.  No chance to ask him about the submission of the Mueller Report and what it means.

Meanwhile many of us have hoped the Mueller Report would be an end point. The lack of indictments today suggests it’s far from that. There will be many threads to follow and investigations still to be conducted in the months ahead, leading to further indictments and convictions–that I am sure.  For me, “The past is prologue” is the best summation.  Recall the Southern District in New York has been for months at work.

My take as a former reporter is that Americans deserve to know the truth now that the Mueller Report is complete. The report must be released immediately and Attorney General  Barr must publicly testify under oath about the investigation’s findings.  We need total transparency here.

What has been allowed to happen to our nation due to Trump needs to be aired out and completely made known to the nation.

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