As The Heat Builds In Washington And Radiates Nationwide

Lots of news to digest this weekend, so I want to toss out a few items as it will interest those keeping their eyes glued and ears pricked for updates on the Mueller Report.

Mueller’s office confirmed that U.S. attorneys in D.C. will take over the Roger Stone trial, the Russian troll case Concord vs. Mueller, as well as the Rick Gates’ sentencing. It is unclear who will take over the sentencing in the Michael Flynn case and the Andrew Miller subpoena fight.

The tweet that sums up a great deal of the national mood today……..comes from George Conway who has a special way of getting under the orange skin.

(@gtconway3d) at 8:41 a.m.: “Whatever happens this day or the next, or in this investigation or the next or the one after that, we should always remember this: We should expect far more from a president than merely that he not be a provably a criminal beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Meanwhile Senator Rubio this morning came out foursquare for releasing the Mueller report. “Absolutely. I want to see all of it”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler had this interesting observation on morning television, “If you aren’t indicting someone because you can’t as a matter of law, then you can’t hold the president accountable. The only institution that can is Congress, and you should not hide the evidence, because that converts it into a cover-up.”

Tick-tock, tick-tock…..