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GOP Justice Department Puts Spin On Mueller Report Findings

March 24, 2019

Well, it is no longer a slow lazy-type Sunday afternoon.   And for House Democrats it will become nothing short of weeks and months of all-out efforts to make sure laws were not broken regarding obstruction of justice, and that the public has all the information they need following a national security concern regarding a President of the United States.

We are now aware the investigation by Robert Mueller found that neither Donald Trump nor any of his aides conspired or coordinated with the Russian government’s 2016 election interference.  That was the statement of the summary findings made public by Attorney General William Barr.  Also it was written in the summary that Mueller’s team drew no conclusions about whether Trump illegally obstructed justice.

And that is where the law, intrigue, and a host of questions begin.

For Barr and the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, to arrive at any conclusions that no laws were broken regarding obstruction must not stand alone.  There is a whole report, along with volumes of documents and evidence, which must be made public. What we know is that the special counsel’s investigators lacked sufficient evidence to establish that Trump committed obstruction of justice, but we also know from Barr’s letter that Mueller’s team stopped short of exonerating Trump.

Barr and this White House have been allowed first access to the report, and information flowing from them now is the cherry-picking of information that make Trump look good.  Many have stated, as has this blog, that as the months of the investigation moved along the matter of obstruction was key.  The entire nation watched in real time as the words and actions of Trump demonstrated that he was indeed obstructing justice.  So to have Barr and the Justice Department put a spin on the report will not work.  There must be a complete release of the report to allow for the nation to read and dive into the findings.

We know Trump’s US National Security Advisor Mike Flynn and Trump’s election campaign manager Paul Manafort were willing, paid, surrogates of a foreign intelligence community.  These were not some low-paid flunkies who got coffee for the office staff.   How this grouping of criminals came to operate in the Trump orbit is highly concerning, and the truth needs to be made known to the citizenry.

It would be interesting if any information is in the report about Trump and his relationship with Russian President Putin.  If there’s nothing between Putin and Trump, why did Trump insist on one-on-one meetings with Putin that have been kept from the American people?

This blog has the word politics in its title, so it would be only fitting that I add a note concerning the thrust of what I do here.

Most of my readers recall there were no scandals from the “no drama” Obama White House that in any way can be compared with what we have needed to deal over the past two years.  Policy differences for sure with Obama, but there was a clean slate of men and women who took on the mantle of leadership.  I believe such a state of affairs is what American voters are longing for, again.  This report, the need for it, and the rap sheets of many in the Trump orbit are proof what the nation wants to shift away from.

But let me be clear once more about the headline of the day.  The complete report must be made public, as written and submitted by Mueller.  Anything short of that is absolutely not acceptable.

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