White Nationalism Smacked Down On Facebook

There is good news to report about how a major social media platform is responding to the uptick in White Nationalism.

In a major policy shift Facebook banned white nationalism and white separatism on its platform.  There is no room for these hate groups to have a platform from which to spew their vile horse-rot.  This move marks a major reversal for the social media platform, whose previous internal policies told content moderators that white nationalist and white separatist content should be treated differently than white supremacist content.  That shade of gray provoked outrage and forced the top brass of Facebook to rethink their actions.

As part of the policy update, Facebook will also direct users searching for content related to white supremacy on its platform to Life After Hate, a nonprofit organization that provides support and education to help people leave hate groups and movements.  As we know, the most important thing is education for those who use hate as a tool.

More specifically, the company is going to ban “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” on both Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook said that it would start enforcing the new rules next week.   It can not come soon enough for this nation.   The long and short of it is that Facebook has now promised to weed out white supremacy from its site.

And so it goes.