Brexit Failure Continues

Brexit was slated to be a failure from the outset.  Xenophobia, and the belief in a lost, past greatness placed Brtiain in an economic downward spiral when it was passed in a national vote.. The news today is more of the same for a nation that has lost its way.
British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered her third major Brexit defeat after the House of Commons voted down the main part of a deal setting out the terms of the U.K.’s divorce with the E.U.
The 344-286 vote was laden with symbolism, falling on the day the U.K. was originally meant to leave the political and economic bloc.
Britain is now due to leave the E.U. on April 12, although that could morph into a lengthy delay, raising the possibility of a general election, a second referendum or even no Brexit at all.
This blog was fore-square against Brexit from the outset. Aside from the economic pitfalls concerns about the inability of the Brits to fully uphold their commitments under the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement has been a gnawing concern.   I well recall the The Troubles.  Too many did not, or more to the point never saw the relationship between a vote based on bigoted angst and the needs of a major treaty.
Too many British  voters did not know what Brexit meant when they cast a ballot for it. They do now—but it seems late to come to that realization.