WORLD Famous Grand Ole Opry–Story To Make For The Smile Of The Week

I love the chance to again write about one of my loves, the Grand Old Opry.

This week I needed to address a most incorrect medical bill which was going to cost me over 400.00.  At the heart of the matter was a coding issue which needed to be changed.  When dialing I wondered where in the world I would land for assistance.

When an operator answered I heard a pleasant voiced woman who turned out to be as chatty as I often am when talking.  She was in the Philippines and reported the weather to be very hot, while wishing for the cool spring type weather I spoke of out my windows.  Soon the billing matter was on its way to being resolved.

In the course of the conversation she asked for my email address and upon hearing it wanted it repeated for accuracy.  She then asked what it meant, and I told her it was to honor the Grand Ole Opry, our nation’s longest running radio show from Nashville, Tennessee.

Without missing a beat she said, “Oh, yes, it is on every Saturday night.  We listen to it on satellite radio”.  I grinned and said she had made my day.

As a young boy I often wondered how the radio waves worked, allowing those signals to be picked up by my radio in central Wisconsin.   This week I must admit it warmed my heart to know one of the longest traditions, which is truly a slice of Americana, was so instantly recognized in another nation half-way around the world.

The woman was kind, funny, most helpful, and part of the ‘large family’ which has joined around radios for 94 years to hear a fiddle, a country song, and humor you could tell your grandmother.  If you needed something to smile about this week–this is, indeed, your story.  It sure was mine!