Joe Biden Should Not Be Tarred By Political Slurs From Bernie Sanders’ Team

What now constitutes as outrage for some women has taken a new approach.   What is happening to former Vice President Joe Biden in the past days is the most ludicrous and preposterous line of attack imaginable.  The timing and its creativity is the latest attempt to undermine a man of substance and high moral caliber.

Biden is being targeted by women who claim his close physical contact made them uncomfortable.  Good Lord.  Next the handshakes from a male candidate in a parade on Main Street will be subject to speculation.  Did he squeeze her hand in a knowing way?  Was his hand sweaty? Was that due to lust or the July sun?

The way the women have come forward to attack Biden shows they are political creatures who wish to strike and harm a potential presidential candidate at a time that will make him most vulnerable for media attention and financial donations.  Note there is no claim of sexual impropriety to their claims, but that does not stop them from working to hobble a political primary opponent.

Anyone who has followed politics over the past 30 years knows Biden is a warm-hearted and generous personality.  To attack that characteristic, which is precisely the type we should desire as a nation when wanting a conversation about leadership, is the lowest blow we have yet seen in the 2020 election season.  That the slurs come from the Bernie Sanders side of the equation underscores what many already are aware of concerning the man who has again become a ‘Democrat’ just in time for a national election.

Down in the mud we travel as Sanders and his crowd work to remove, in the only way they can, a rival for the party nomination.  In a straight-up debate and primary season Biden would take the comb to Sanders from coast to coast.  The Sanders’ forces know that.  That is why we are at this low point in our Democratic Party politics.