Trump Blows It Over Wind

Mormon Church (Sort Of) Steps Into 21st Century

Every step forward should be applauded….even when they are snail paces.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said on Thursday that it would allow children of same-sex couples to be baptized, a remarkable reversal of church policy from one of the religious groups that has long been a bulwark against gay rights.

The decision rolls back a 2015 rule that had ripped apart congregations by declaring that church members in same-sex marriages were apostates and subject to excommunication, and that children of same-sex couples were banned from rituals like baptisms and baby-naming ceremonies.

Now, three years after the church drove many members away, the change signals an effort to draw them back and represents a broader effort by the church’s newest president to bring the church closer to mainstream American views.

Let us be honest why this is happening.

Mormons are hemorrhaging young members because of exclusionary policies that put them at odds with modern society.  And as such the church’s long term financial and membership components are needing to be reinforced.   Hence a small token.

Basic humanity might be their next change?