My Article About Spring Election Posted in Urban Milwaukee

With pleasure I note that my article this week about the mayoral elections in Madison and Chicago was published in Urban Milwaukee.  That makes for three places it was published or linked.  I admit to liking a byline with my name.  As a teenager and young adult my mom would, at times, ask why I would write my thoughts about the news of the day and store them away.  I was not sure myself, but knew I enjoyed doing it.  Many years later mom would say I needed to write a book.  She never saw that book or my name on the cover, which was published after I turned 50 years of age.  Never saw my name in a byline, either.  Not sure why all this crossed my mind today.  I just know it is a long ways from my bedroom on the side of our home where that box of writings was placed in the closet.

And so it goes.