People Of Faith And Trump’s Racism At The Border

The news that made headlines on Sunday is a reminder of how far removed this White House is from morals and empathy for people in need.

Donald Trump, in a snit tweeted that Kirstjen Nielsen, head of the Department of Homeland Security, would no longer be in that position.  Within minutes her resignation letter was issued.  Just another classless move by a man who has no regard for anyone.  At any time.

Nielsen should have been handled more professionally, that is for sure.  But she gets no respect for her actions regarding the separating of families at the southern border, or locking kids in cages.  Those tragic and indefensible actions were not enough for Trump. He demanded more of her.

Trump was asking her to break the law by carrying out his demand that she somehow stop asylum-seekers from seeking asylum.  It that line sounds twisted, let me assure you that the policy is the same!

She perhaps could have performed with more humanity in a normal administration.  But like so many others who have some into the Trump orbit they are sucked into the muck and goo, their names are sullied, their reputations are tattered, and her future is not gleaming with unlimited possibilities.   She is just one more tragic story linked to Donald Trump.

I suspect many of my readers are people of faith.  Most have strong values.  So it is time then to ask, in light of the news which keeps being created from the Trump White House about immigrants, where do those firm moral foundations place a nation that still deals with immigrant children taken from their parents at the southern border? Trump administration officials admitted in court Friday that it may take them as long as two years to find and identify what could be thousands of kids.

Unconscionable.  Barbaric. 

Those of us who follow the news recall that the government earlier this year stated that thousands more kids were separated than originally reported, because the separations actually started months before Trump announced his disastrous “zero tolerence” policy.  So how many kids did immigration authorities take from their parents or guardians?

There is no answer.  No answer!

So here we are in early April with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen being ousted but the fact is Trump’s failures on the border remain.  As does his racial and bigoted behavior.

Instead of working for real immigration reform, of the kind passed in the senate in a bi-partisan fashion in 2013, Trump blusters on about a wall.  But Trump has no wall, should not have a wall, and will not have a wall.  Yet he tells the nation he is a ‘strong leader’.

But facts prove differently.  There is no wall, even though at one point Democrats offered him $25 billion for it in return for DACA being signed into law.   That was rejected by the White House.  So we watch and read as the practice of separating migrant children from their families continues to stain our nation.    And to top it all off is the recollection that the longest government shutdown in U.S. history took place over Trump’s insistence on getting a border wall (which he still doesn’t have—and will never have.)

And so it goes.