Paul Soglin Plays Role Of John Adams In Madison

I was truly sad to read news this morning concerning outgoing Mayor Paul Soglin.

In what can only be termed the snarkiest move yet played by Soglin, there is evidence to suggest he has no intention of attending Tuesday’s swearing-in of his successor, Satya Rhodes-Conway, along with the new city council.  One need not agree with how campaigns are conducted, policy proposals placed before voters, or political tactics taken leading up to an election, but once the voters have made their choice it is incumbent for the whole of the governing establishment to gather to inaugurate new leaders.

What Soglin has planned is just not the way mature people conduct themselves when they accept the responsibility which comes when seeking the will of the people at the ballot box.   While this city has often witnessed the petulant side of Soglin this is perhaps his most embarrassing display.

Upon reading the article my mind went back to the pages of history I love so much.  My backward trek stopped in 1801 as Thomas Jefferson was to be sworn in as our nation’s third president.  His predecessor, President John Adams, had scattered from the new capital city hours before the inauguration.  It remains one of the most difficult to understand self-created smudges on his national story.

In much the same way Soglin creates an imagine of someone who has not taken his loss with dignity.  There is no honor lost in entering the political arena and not winning.  There is much more to glean from the manner in which a person stands when coming short of a goal, than how the same person responds with a victory.  That instruction from youth is one that should never lose its place in the course of life.

When that lesson is lost it makes for a most unbecoming part of the memories of otherwise colorful and credible personalities.  I trust that someone close to Paul Soglin will encourage a change of his thinking come Tuesday.

After all Soglin should know he is playing to the history books.

What Can Go Wrong At Walmart? Ohh….Plenty!

James and I boycott Walmart because of their business practices.  We have not been in any of their stores since 2010.  There are just too many reasons not to spend a single dollar for any of their products.  One of the advantages of not going to Walmart is we never encounter the famed Walmart shoppers.  It does not bring me any pleasure to report what is printed below took place in Wisconsin.

Pure white trash.

The Eau Claire Police Department identified 46-year-old Lisa Smith and her 25-year-old son Benny Vann as the suspects. (Source: Eau Claire Police Department)

A mother and her son are in custody after causing a ruckus at a Walmart Wednesday night, police said. Their dog chipped in, too.  The Eau Claire Police Department identified 46-year-old Lisa Smith and her 25-year-old son Benny Vann as the suspects. Investigators said the dog is named Bo.  Responding officers said they found Smith yelling in the doorway trying to summon Bo.  Smith allegedly brought Bo into the store without a leash, so he easily ditched his owner and started running up to unsuspecting customers.

So far so good, right?

While Bo was doing that, Smith began tearing apart store displays and placing them in her shopping cart, police said.  Walmart staff asked her to leave, and she complied. Police said she left the store to perform karate moves in the parking lot.  Bo, on the other hand, had not been brought to heel. By the time anyone found him, he was on his way out of the store with a box of Jiffy cornbread muffin mix in his mouth.

What more could possibly go wrong at Walmart?

Police arrested Smith, but it wasn’t without a fight. She allegedly kicked out a patrol car window when they finally got her in custody.  Meanwhile. police said Vann was running amok inside the store. He allegedly took off all of his clothes in the rear of the Walmart and exposed himself to everyone around him.  Fortunately for them, he tried to cover himself by putting on the clothes Walmart had on the racks. Even so, police said he didn’t try to purchase them, so that is also a crime.  Officers approached and commanded him to end the madness, but he refused. Authorities said Vann even used a scooter in an attempt to run over an officer.  But law enforcement physically stopped the scooter and took him into custody.  Vann faces charges for lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct and retail theft. Smith is charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and misdemeanor bail jumping.

Donald Trump Speaks Of Immigrants As Though They Were Wild Animals

At the dinner table Friday night I said to James the same thing as the thrust of the following paragraph found today in The New Yorker.

Such is the framing of the issue by the White House, and the framing of the story by the media, that no one had the one right response to this idea: “But this is the very point of a sanctuary city! Immigrants, regardless of status, are safe in them. Bring them here! They are welcome.”

I live in Madison, Wisconsin which is a sanctuary city.  Over the 30-plus years of living here I have had countless conversations with people who moved here to start a new life, raise a family, start a business, and create jobs.

That the Trump Administration tried to pressure Immigration and Customs Enforcement to transport detained immigrants to sanctuary cities and use them as a political payback for Democrats who will not relent on our national core values says far more about Trump than the issue of immigration itself.

I was, once again, saddened in how Trump speaks with dehumanizing language as his tweet about “releasing migrants” was xenophobic, and racist.  It sounded like he was taking about wild animals to be released, or hardened criminals.  The fact is immigrants are human beings and must be treated as such.  Using the code words and vile insinuations for his supporters is most troubling.  And most telling as to what is at the core of Trump’s being.

When the families of the 1800’s came to these shores they were no different than the Latino’s today, except they had far fewer barriers.   If the 19th century newcomer was ill they were held for a period of time, but otherwise were allowed into the country legally.  They were registered, counted, and in some cases offered land parcels, such as here in the Midwest.  But perhaps the greatest difference is that those earlier immigrants were able to bring their entire family.  The whole family traveled together from whichever country they heralded.  They did not need to scale fences, dig trenches, or pay ‘coyotes’ for transport.

Today Latino’s face a far different story and our understanding it is vital to this whole issue.  The worker from Mexico that comes here by any means possible does so to pay for a family he/she left behind.  A family he/she may never see again.  Think about that.  The economic plight in Latin America is such that in order to sustain a family a worker makes an attempt to get into America.  Once here the Latino takes any job available and sends as much money as possible back to his family by check or money order.  And I repeat, to a family he/she may never see again.

While in the United States the worker is paying taxes and Social Security and even may buy a home. Or start a business which adds to higher employment.  According to the Kauffman Foundation, immigrant entrepreneurs employed about 560,000 workers and generated  about $63 billion in sales from 2006 to 2012.

All they want is the right to live here without fear, and yet there are some very cruel people who just cannot allow that to happen.  Even though more workers are needed here in every sector of the economy.

Highly successful, fast-growing startups—the type this blog has consistently encouraged through the use of venture capital funding–shows what happens when immigrants come to America. There is a study, conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy, which determined that 44 out of 87 privately held companies valued at more than $1 billion had at least one immigrant founder.  It further estimated that each of these immigrant-founded companies created 760 jobs.

I never hear those types of facts at a Trump rally.  One might think, between Trump re-shaping the story of the Election returns from 2016, and the latest insults about his nemesis of the moment, there would be time for truth.  But, sadly, there is only room for fear-based politics in Trump’s world.

What this all says to those who reason their way through the issues of the day is that Trump has no idea how to resolve an issue that he continually gins up.  The reason he does so is two-fold.  He has no idea how to foster a working coalition for immigration reform, and secondly wants to use the issue for political purposes.  Having a grand solution would not work for him in the next election.

Trump had two full years to enact immigration reform!  Two years!  The Republicans had control of the House, the Senate, White House and held sway in some courts, too.  But there was no real effort at immigration reform.  Trump has played the nation, and especially his base, with loud rhetoric and plenty of bombast, but has no viable solutions.

And so it goes.