Mueller Report, Trump Corruption, With Political Cartoons

Only reasonable way to view the travesty of justice perpetrated by Trump Administration is through the skilled hands of political cartoonists.

Mueller Report Says Much About Trump Base

What our nation is watching play out, as a redacted version of the Mueller report has been released, is the power given to the ones trying to control the narrative.  Attorney General Barr has taken the report and molded it to fit the partisan contours of the Trump White House.   Since it is about time in my home for coffee to be made, let me put it another way which matches up with the San Francisco blend which is about to be brewed.  The pure water is the report, the coffee in the filter is Barr and the White House, and the liquid result is the process of what happens when spin and politics is added to the mix.

Once brewed today, how will I look at my carafe?!

The interpretation of the Mueller report will not stand.   No one is going to replace my own eyes and logic with a performance in front of the national press.   Everything the Trump Administration has come in contact with has been tainted with varying degrees of dishonesty, fabrication, and untruthfulness.    It has been proven repeatedly that nothing can be taken for fact in this administration, everything needs to be checked and verified.

Since we are talking about Republicans and Russia today it might be the time to step back into the history books and recall what President Reagan had to say in this regard.  There is a Russian proverb which reads “Doveryai, no proveryai”.  Reagan made it easier for the American people by translating “Trustbut verify”

Not only has the GOP in large part forgotten the words of Reagan, but they have also given up an ability to think for themselves.   As seen by the performance of Barr this morning, and Trump over the past many months, there is an expectation that the conservative base will fall over and accept anything they are told.

Historians decades from now will need to examine and explain for the nation how Trump supporters were so willing to leave their morals and foundations taught to them by parents and grandparents, and cave for the lowest forms of deportment and highest levels of unethical chicanery.

It would seem to me that regardless of party affiliation there would be a deep curiosity about what the report contains.  When the Starr Report dealing with President Clinton was released in paperback I was in line at Borders Books the first day it became available—and early enough to make sure the supply did not run out before one was in my hand!  Why should the GOP be any different with the Mueller Report?

Perhaps the Trump base is afraid that if they were able to read the un-redacted report they would discover unethical and unpatriotic activities and behavior from Trump and his crew.  What would they think then about being duped?  What would that then say about their ability for judgement?

That quandary too, is a job for historians to wade through in the decades to come when the Trump supporters will be judged by history.

Now for that cup of coffee.