“Greg Humphrey, Man Of Courage”

I am not sure how to post this and make it look humble.  Perhaps there is no way to achieve it.  But I post the following with sincere gratitude.

I have tried with the best of my ability to call the balls and strikes regarding the issues of the day on this blog.  Sometimes people agree with my opinion pieces, other times they vehemently disagree.  Reading history proves why our nation moves forward with far more reasonableness when we seek out issues to work together on, and strive for consensus.   The recent spring election is a case in point.

David Blaska was a Madison School Board candidate who ran a tough race as a conservative in a very liberal city.  I firmly believe the issues he talked about, and the ideas he advanced regarding our schools and students, were what voters needed to hear.  His stances were in the best interest of education.  I supported him with an endorsement and was proud to have his lawn sign up for the election season.   I have written on this blog how that sign allowed for discussions that might otherwise have not occurred.

This morning Blaska wrote, in part, the following on his blog.

But if you want the Policy Werkes’ nomination for Courage Under Political Fire, read the name of Greg Humphrey. Greg is an openly gay man living on Madison’s isthmus in the Wil-Mar neighborhood represented by Ald. Marsha Rummel, Progressive Dane.

Early on, the proprietor of the Caffeinated Politics blog backed Blaska’s candidacy. What’s more, he stuck a Blaska campaign yard sign in his front lawn, within sight of Lake Monona. He did something that a great many other liberals told the candidate personally that they wanted to do — “but my neighbors would …”

But I am still scared of spiders.