Congresswoman lhan Omar Needs Support

Congresswoman lhan Omar’s ‘outlandish’ comments pale by comparison to many of her white male counterparts, such as Congressman Steve King.  They especially pale by comparison with Donald Trump.  Yet she is on the hot seat, again and again.

We need to ask the question as to why there is so much emphasis on her?  We might surmise it is due to her being a woman of color who wears a hijab? Undoubtedly these all lead to her receiving more attention from the press, and negative reactions from conservative groups, and needless to say the alt right.

For those of us who think about politics and common-sense it is clear a double standard is at play when it comes to this freshman Democrat.  As a liberal I don’t have to agree with all of her comments–but I think she got it mostly correct about Israel’s government– but I absolutely expect some level of support from all of her peers in the Democratic caucus.

Let us be mindful that Omar never said anything negative about Jews themselves. She merely accused Israel-supporting lobbying firms of having undue influence in U.S. politics.  She nailed the Israeli government for being exactly what they are.

What the lack of support for Omar underscores is that Muslims are still open for ridicule and bigotry.  We still seem willing to allow for shades of bigotry within the party when it comes to Muslims, and that is a shame.