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New Venture For Caffeinated Politics

April 26, 2019

Coming later in 2019 readers will be able to tune into my podcasts.

They will not be about politics, but instead will revolve around music, books, and history.  I have been working on some ideas and with additional space coming to our home this project will become reality.  My studio will be on the third floor to our home.  Today I talked with two people with technology backgrounds, and in the months to come this venture will get off the ground.

My first professional job was as a radio broadcaster and news reporter.  My first love in life was radio, when as a boy I would journal the stations found on the dial in my rural home in Hancock, Wisconsin.

Life is about doing new things, and learning at every step.  I love being curious, and then following a dream.  I will keep readers apprised as developments take place.  And for the record, my microphone will be much like the one pictured.  I do love the nostalgic feel for broadcasting!

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