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Constitutional Crisis Grows Due To Trump White House

May 8, 2019

Today the nation took another needed step in governmental oversight, given the atmosphere which Donald Trump is needlessly creating.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to recommend that the House hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over Robert Mueller’s unredacted report.  This took place only a few hours after Trump asserted executive privilege to shield the full report and underlying evidence from Congress.

That can not, and must not stand.

What stood out for me was the passionate and reasoned dialogue from the committee about the very essence of democracy–and its future–given the dynamics of this White House.  In the end the contempt vote was 24-to-16.

What I found perhaps the most pointed and telling statement of the day came after the vote when Judiciary Committee chairman, Congressman Nadler said, “We are now in a constitutional crisis.”

The action by Trump today underscores what many believe, including your’s truly, that there is more in the report, and documents, that details Trump’s unethical and possibly even illegal activities.  Trying to shut down the process is the best evidence, to date, as to why Trump needs to be ordered to hand over what the legislative branch is seeking.

What is unsettling for me to ponder is how the Attorney General can openly state that a president can legally stop any investigation into whatever the person in the Oval Office ‘feels’ is harassment.  That is a most scary scenario for any republic—and especially one where the likes of Trump thinks he is calling the shots.  Even in the most stormy and crisis-laden days of Watergate–something I know about given my Nixon history-buff status—he did not even venture in that realm of muck.  And Nixon was known to try many a slimy move!

The bottom line is that executive privilege doesn’t cover criminal activities, and that point is exactly why congressional investigators must not relent to Orange Mussolini.. That is precisely why a co-equal branch of government has a duty to investigate, and demand what it needs to make the proper assessments.  The Trump White House needs to follow the laws of the nation.

The obstructions by the Trump White House must cease.  The more it continues the deeper this Constitutional crisis grows.  That is not good for citizens, national political institutions, or the policy ideas which need to be advanced for the progress of society.

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