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Holding Parents Responsible, For Children Who Shoot With Guns, Owned By Adults

May 8, 2019

There is no way not to look at the face of this teenager who was shot and killed in a school shooting and not feel a host of emotions.  Sadness, anger, confusion, and dread.

Two high school students used at least two handguns in the shooting at a charter school that killed one of their classmates and injured eight others in a Colorado community that just weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary of one of the nation’s worst school shootings.  Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock told reporters that the suspects had a “number of weapons.” Those weapons included two handguns that Spurlock said the suspects were not old enough to buy or own.

Yet they were able to get their hands on those guns.

Today I am not surprised, but still appalled, that most politicians are dancing around the issue of gun shootings in schools and only willing to provide the most careful of responses to the glaring spotlight of too many guns in the nation, and a far too easy means of access to these deadly weapons.

Today we also have to again stress, and not for the first time, another truth.  This blog has repeated that parents of young people who use guns to shoot, kill, and create violence also need to be held accountable.  Some adult is responsible for the fact the shooters in Colorado were able to place their hands on these weapons.  There is no way that any sane person can say parental/adult actions, such as with this shooting, should not be addressed by a law that makes sure there is responsibility shared by those who help to foster the violent outcomes.

The NRA has plenty of responsibility for the number of guns in our society, and the ease with which anyone can get a deadly weapon.  But when it comes to teenagers with guns there also has to be a question asked–where the hell was the parent?  It might also be a good time to ask if parents are not able to control their offspring then perhaps they should forfeit their children tax credits.  The rest of society should not have to continually pay the price for bad parenting.

Tougher back-round checks, outlawing bump-stocks, and even buying back assault weapons are some of the measures I have supported.  Polling shows such ideas has support from voters in our nation.

But let me be most clear about what is needed when it comes to gun violence.  Until the majority of the American public want guns outlawed, this daily spectacle of horror will continue.  So when those in office, or those who seek such responsibility, speak about school shootings and guns they must also speak candidly and place the blame, in part, on citizens who refuse to accept the simple fact that guns kill.

There are a lot of very seriously flawed, selfish gun owners and NRA members in the nation They would rather hold and caress their guns while prattling on with conspiratorial ideas about government tyranny, than caring for the parents who never again will hug their children due to gun violence.  

Those gun lovers are soulless.   And when citizens do not lift their voices as one to demand gun control measures, then they simply allow the lowest among us to set the laws.

At the end of the day maybe this is just another indicator that America is indeed in decline. Because if we can not control gun violence we are certainly not going to be able to deal with other larger and more complex matters that face our country.

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