Best Wishes To Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya At National Spelling Bee

I enjoy doing crossword puzzles.  I find them relaxing and though I would never do many in ink I love the word games.   Having a comfortable feel for words is one thing, but spelling like the champs I read about this past weekend in the newspaper is quite another.

I am always amazed at the spelling skills of students who compete for the honor of being the top national spelling champion.  While looking at the eight young, smiling, eager faces in the paper I was simply impressed with the intelligence some of our youth have in this state.  But I admit I could not stop smiling when I saw the image of Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya, from Blessed Sacrament School.

While I wish the very best for each and every participant there is just something so perfect about his gleeful expression and winning smile.  All the bright minds that travel to National Harbor, Maryland, May 26 through 31 for the national competition have this blogger’s very best wishes.  Have fun as you deserve this honor!

I am hoping that Aiden will have an even broader smile in the next picture of him in the newspapers–as champion.

All the best to everyone.