Why Don’t Evangelicals Live Their Faith On All The Issues?

Over past decades during presidential elections I recall some evangelicals asking the question “What would Jesus do?” But since 2015 I have wondered many a time why evangelicals no longer ask about Christ’s foundations when it comes to Donald Trump or his administration.  Perhaps they do not wish to ponder what is happening to themselves.

While an abortion law made many headlines this week, and evangelicals crowed about using the levers of power (at least in the short-term) to their seeming advantage, I have a few questions to ask.

How do these same evangelicals who claim to put so much value on life not hold this White House accountable on the matter of immigration? If evangelicals wish to force a person who is raped to carry the baby to term, shouldn’t they also slam down hard on Republicans who call immigrants “pests”?  Is life not to be valued from start to finish, even when dark-skinned?

How do evangelicals square their religion with their own government separating families at the border?  Do children, who are ripped from their mother’s arms by immigration agents, have less value than the evangelical’s own description of ‘babies being ripped from the womb” during an abortion?

Should evangelicals accept, with no comment, when a president laughs during a political rally about shooting immigrants?   Do evangelicals find some harbor for such an absurdity within the Bible?

How about the close-lipped attitudes of evangelicals when it comes to the daily shootings in this nation where school children need to practice for mass shootings the way my peers trained for a tornado?

Striking at health care which seeks to aid all people, or siding with polluters and damaging  our environment, while supporting those who weaken regulatory controls all show how insincere evangelicals are when it comes to walking their talk.

In my Sunday School classes, and then church over the years, I was taught Christ was about love.  In that framework, so to show our shared values with him, we are to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and love our neighbor as we would love our-self.  We are not to separate families at political borders, or call brown-skinned people “pests”.

There is no doubt why evangelicals now fail to ask “What would Jesus do?” after they have bent their knees for Trump.  The answer would then require many tables to be turned up-side down in their temples.