Something Is Wrong In Wisconsin

I try to understand ideas that are contrary to my way of thinking.  I wish to at least find some underpinning as to why people desire this or that policy.  I try to place myself into the shoes of another person.   But this is one issue that continually leaves me baffled.

A more determined effort is afoot among Wisconsin grocers to seek local approval for liquor license extensions so the business can take alcohol purchased online out to customers’ vehicles.

Having lived in Wisconsin my whole life I can clearly state the last thing we need is another reason not to get up and move around.  The excess luggage which many state residents carry around–in part due to alcohol consumption while watching sports–is troubling.   So the trend to allow for liquor to be brought out to cars is a total mystery to me.

It was reported this week that Walmart (the bane of small town commerce) and Pick `n Save first started offering curbside pickup of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages in the Milwaukee and Fox Valley areas in 2017.   Like other bad ideas, this one has smoldered and caught fire.   Now competitors want to make sure their customers can also get their alcohol faster so to get home and start swilling.

My life is not perfect.  But never once has the wheels of reality come so far off the tracks I felt a need to escape with alcohol.  The culture of drinking is not something I understand.  This past week, when talking about a loss in the family, I was heartened when others mentioned taking a long walk to ponder things and get in touch with their feelings.  What a concept!!  Deal with life like an adult.

Drinking in Russian novels is something most readers of literature have encountered.  Those long Siberian nights……   But Wisconsin residents too lazy and ‘busy’ to park a car, get out and walk into a business to get their purchase?

If this is now termed ‘progress’ for businesses and a ‘modern convenience’ for customers then there is only one thing to say.

Something is wrong in Wisconsin.