Temper Tantrum Trump–Tirades Must End–Impeachment Process Must Begin

Today was one of those news cycles which just kept giving–and giving.

Donald Trump threw one of his pre-arranged tantrums after the adults in a planned meeting–the Democratic congressional leaders–would not agree to his threats and bluster.  Trump wants an end to the legitimate investigations or he threatened there would be no working with congress on issues important to the American people.  Then to show he meant business Trump marched into the Rose Garden–where wallah!– reporters were gathered to witness his planned meltdown.

No orchestration by the White House prior to this meeting.  No sirree!

Democrats are not backing down.  Not should we. Let me in short order state why today was such a national embarrassment.

While I have not advocated for impeachment before there does come a time when outrageous attempts to thwart a co-equal branch of government from oversight must not be allowed to continue.  In just a number of weeks we have seen daily evidence that the White House will try to be more ‘powerful’ at the expense of law and order.  That must not be allowed to continue.

Trump is a child–acts like one, has an intellect like one–with no seeming ability to ever be the grown-up in the room.  Today that was very obvious to all following the news.  Every slight, every negative reaction from any source and the child-like bully huffs and puffs and blows about.  That can not, and must not, be allowed to continue.  Congress must begin the impeachment inquiry due to the obstruction at every level into the investigations of his past actions.

Trump is a bully–and having been bullied during my four years of high school–I know something about how to deal with them.  There is no way to actually change a bully’s internal compass, but there are ways to make a bully feel the heat and change their behavior.  That is what congressional Democrats can do with an impeachment process.  Such a process will give the House authority to officially investigate many facets concerning Trump..  That is, after all, what the nation needs so to find out facts that warrant more scrutiny.

Trump supporters are not able to grasp the importance of thinking about the long-term needs of our republic. If they were they would not act as they do.  Nor are they capable of understanding the damage being done to our political institutions from Trump tirades.

Our nation must end this freak show and return to the normal fashion of how government operates and functions.   The only way left to make for a sane return is for the impeachment process to begin.

Enough is enough.