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Mark Charles Patronsky Was A Classy Man

May 27, 2019

I am very sorry to learn of the death of Mark Charles Patronsky.  

For a number of years he owned a home just a few blocks from where I now live in Madison.  He and his wife, Kathryn, had a beautiful house with a comfy front porch.  He knew the art of good conversation, was always smiling, and welcoming with his personalty.

I first met Mark when he worked in the  Wisconsin Legislative Council, specializing in natural resource issues.   At the time, I worked with State Representative Lary Swoboda, who was Chairman of the Tourism Committee.   Many a time I sat near Mark’s desk talking about the direction of a certain bill draft, or policy idea for the committee.

He could take ideas, that were perhaps less than artfully stated from me, and craft them into concrete and workable bills.  He could also slow down those ideas from Swoboda, which from time to time, were whims to satisfy a constituent rather than a serious effort at governing.  Many a legislator has done the same with knee-jerk ideas.  I was most grateful for what Mark placed at the bottom of his desk drawer, which saved me from needing to clean up a political mess.

Years after I left the statehouse I was walking downtown and heard “Hi, Greg!”  It was Mark who recognized me.   We struck up a nice conversation, which was to continue over the years as I too moved into a house on the Madison isthmus.

Learning of his passing means there is one less truly nice person in the world.  He may not have instant recognition when his name is spoken.  But I can clearly state he was the type of person anyone would be glad to converse with and know.


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