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Drink While You Shop? What Is Wrong With People?

May 28, 2019


As a kid there were countless times mom had it up to her neck with kids, squabbles, and messes.  She needed to escape to the stores in Stevens Point or Wisconsin Rapids to browse and find that something special to lift her spirits.  Shopping was her substitute  to just selling the older kids outright to a traveling gypsy.

But now it seems shopping is no longer the get-a-way that it was for my parent’s generation.  Now to make the effort to walk the aisles and look at the merchandise requires a glass of wine or beer.   In Madison there is an effort to make that swilling possible.

East Side Ald. Marsha Rummel, who represents the area where CocoVaa is located and is sponsoring the zoning code change, said Edari’s business has a liquor license “but under traditional employment zoning and the zoning code in general the café can’t serve alcohol, and light manufacturing can’t serve alcohol.”

Soap Opera co-owner Stacey Scannell said being able to sip a glass or wine or two would complement the experience of shopping at the store, which has a courtyard and allows customers to make their own perfumes. The store had already been approved for a liquor license that would have allowed it to sell bottled wine, but due to zoning restrictions, not serve it on site, she said.

I simply have no way to rationalize such an idea.  If a business plan is so lousy that the only way to increase sales, and keep the lights on, is to liquor up the customers might mean there are issues with management itself.  Instead of working to allow for drinks to be served it might be smarter to take a business course and plot a new strategy for what people wish to purchase. 

The last thing this state needs is another excuse to drink.  It seems that no one is able to do anything in Wisconsin if there is not a drink in hand.  Drinking in our state is considered a recreational activity.   When asked what one will be doing this weekend many will respond with ‘going out drinking’.  Now that might also mean shopping!

Where does the crazy end?

And what is so wrong with so many people they constantly need to find a means of escape?

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