Yet Another Mass Shooting

Last evening on the news there was a story about a baseball hit by a player which slammed into the bleachers and hit a child.  James turned to me and said there will be laws put in place soon to remedy such baseball injuries.  But when it comes to guns and the violence they cause—GOSH—nothing can be done.

And then the next mass shooting happened today.

In June 2016 I spoke at the rally on the steps of the Wisconsin Statehouse held to deal with the mass slaughter in Orlando that same day.. I spoke from the heart about the loss of life that forced our nation to lower flags half-mast and how the NRA needs to be curtailed. I stressed that our sense of loss, anger, and fear as a nation and, as gay Americans based on the shooting massacre that day, needs to be translated into passion for urging congress to write and pass meaningful gun control measures. I also urged people to have conversations not just with folks we agree with but everyone as we must vote in numbers that matter and send a message all can understand. This gun violence must end. It starts with you and me. When I concluded there was strong applause.
Today eleven people were killed in a shooting in Virginia Beach. The suspect is also deceased. Shots were fired in the Virginia Beach municipal complex.