Front Page Of Newspaper Says All One Needs To Know About Too Many Guns In Our Nation


Flying Elvis

Elvis is loved here at CP.  So stories, such as this one, are posted to share the King with others around the world who stop at my little place on the internet highway to read.


Ron Strauss loved flying Elvis Presley for two years in his four-engine jet, the Lisa Marie. How many pilots can list that on their résumé?

Strauss had experience piloting Convair 880 and 900 planes. So when Elvis bought a former Delta Airlines Convair 880 in 1975, Strauss was asked if he wanted to work for the King.

Of course, he did.

“It was a real hoot to meet Elvis,” Strauss, 79, said in a phone interview from his Florida home.

“After he toured the plane, he introduced himself. He said ‘Well, Ron, I guess you know who I am.’ I said ‘Yes sir, Mr. Presley.’ He said ‘Oh no, it’s not sir or mister. Just call me Elvis.’ ”