Homer Simpson Visits Britain

Oh, to have Ronald Reagan back in the White House.

I must say that line is not one that comes to mind everyday for this blogger.  I was opposed in the early 1980’s to the Kemp-Roth tax cut,  the ballooning defense budget, and the slippery Moral Majority types who seemed to skim about always in search of a place to burrow and stay awhile. Like ticks. But as the news played out over the past 24 hours concerning Donald Trump, the complete nincompoop who seems to work overtime to embarrass our nation as he traveled to Britain, one thought came back to me again and again.

Oh, to have Ronald Reagan back in the White House.

One can have totally different points of view about politics and policy with Reagan and still know he was a decent, honorable, and truly American example of what shines bright in our nation.   There is no way anyone can say anything remotely polite about Trump today without feeling like a liar on his way to the fires of hell.  The international scorn for Trump today, and in some degree, for our nation, sums up the dangers that were  unleashed by angry voters in 2016.  Add in the under-educated voters who still rally to his causes, along with the callous disregarding citizens who have decided it is better to say nothing than stand up and be counted in public for not wishing to see more of the same.  No one needs ask why we are sliding off the cliff–as the world watches.

Trump’s boorish comportment, childish insults, public petulance, and insulting behavior made him a stain on our nation–a stain which today had a global platform.  It makes me want to take down the American flag from my front yard.   I am embarrassed for my country.

Being petty, vindictive, and rude was something most parents made an effort to show their children was the wrong way to live, or act in polite society.  But Trump has taken the most unseemly behavior, the most base of characteristics, be it daily interactions or his whoring (and no, not in this case for prostitutes–look up the word to learn more), and  thrusts it into the daily media feed which then becomes the national dialogue.

How awfully sad for the nation.

Trump is abroad  for the 75th Anniversary of D Day, a time to remember the selfless sacrifice that many Americans made to rid the world of evil dictators.  Yet Trump has shown his disdain for war heroes, decency, and national institutions.  At the same time he shows his affection for dictators, strongmen,  authoritarianism, and the undermining of law and order.

Is it any wonder that as I looked out at Lake Monona today my mind drifted back to a few decades removed?  Is it any wonder we have warm regards for the past given the mortification we feel watching the news caused by Trump, and feeling the blow-back on our nation?

I am waiting for the time in 2021 when I will turn on NPR, or CNN, or pick up The New York Times and not learn of a president insulting someone, or rupturing national alliances.

Until then…we will recall what American decency looked like, even with a Republican president.